PV – Grid tie solutions

 Solar Photo voltaic– Grid tie solutions are when your building users a combination of Eskom and Solar PV energy. They are Battery-less systems.

The main role is to reduce your monthly electricity bill (kWh consumption and kVA demand) by supplementing your Eskom supply. During an outage this system is unable to supply energy into your grid (building) which is a regulatory compliance, however we are able to supplement your generator load during outages if the system has been designed to do so.

It is very important to understand your energy usage profile when designing / sizing your system.

All systems are monitored live so you can see your kWp (kW production from your PV panels) your buildings load and Eskom supply.

As part of our O&M offer we make sure that your plant is functioning optimally. Daily, weekly or monthly production reports are included in our offer.

The benefit of the PV- Diesel Hybrid system is the low entry cost and quicker ROI than a Solar PV system with battery back-up.

Importance of load Control:

It is important to control PV load during outages which is done by our management system (BMS), designed by our specialist building automation team.

  • It is important that the PV kWp rating doesn’t exceed the generator Single Step Load.
    Generator Single Step load is the maximum step load a generator can take from Zero load.
    Typically values for Single Step load varies between 50 and 60% of generator capacity.
  • It is very important that the generator is never loaded less than 40% of generator capacity. Underloading your generator will result in damage to the diesel engine.
    The BMS system will make sure this never happens.